The Engineering & Utilities Department includes the engineering, water and stormwater utilities, and building divisions of the town. The department manages the planning, design, construction, and operations of: 

Engineering Division

The Engineering Division reviews proposed developments to ensure they comply with standards for all of these areas. Development agreements for public infrastructure improvements that come with new development are coordinated by engineering. This includes inspection and acceptance of public improvements by the town.

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Pavement Management Program

Staff conducts a complete visual pavement assessment every three years. The IWORQs Pavement Management System is used to determine the remaining service life of the transportation system. From this information, staff determines the most cost effective maintenance treatment for the roadways with the lowest remaining service life. Then a yearly contract is issued for the Pavement Maintenance Project based on the budget. Typical treatments include crack seal, patching, chip seal, overlays and replacement.

Additional Duties

The Engineering and Utilities Department represents the town in planning for regional transportation and water resource needs. The department also manages Bulrush Wetland Park along Highway 52. It is available for public access and as an educational resource for the community.

 Master Plans