Storm Water Studies

Outfall System Plan (OSP) Draft Plan

The Town has partnered with Dacono on an update to the existing Stormwater Master Plan through a Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) Grant. Given the impacts of crossings of SH 52 it has been beneficial to work in conjunction with Dacono on the plan update.

 The Frederick Dacono Outfall System Plan includes Boulder Creek, Godding Hollow, Idaho Creek, Little Dry Creek, Tri-Town, and Sump basins which the Town Planning area crosses or is impacted by as shown on the basin map. 

Since the project was awarded to Anderson Consulting Engineers in 2020, they have analyzed the baseline hydrology, future condition hydrology, and completed problem identification. They are currently working towards identifying and evaluating conceptual improvements. The consultant has worked with staff to select a preferred plan, prepare cost estimates, and prioritize the improvements identified by the plan. 

OSD Draft PlanProposed improvements have been identified through the planning process to improve the Town’s drainage system. A total of 54 improvements have been identified. The proposed improvements have been ranked using a decision matrix based on:

  • Risk
  • Total project cost
  • Alternative funding availability
  • Community timeframe.

A map of the crossing structures and the proposed improvements are available within the interactive maps of the Outfall System Plan StoryMap

The Final Report is now available.