Water Supply

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Potable Water Supply

Within Frederick’s town limits, there are three entities involved with public potable water supply (water fit for consumption by humans and other animals). Those suppliers are the Town of Frederick, Central Weld County Water District, and Left Hand Water District. All residents on the east side of I-25 are Town of Frederick customers.  

Frederick Drinking Water

Did you know, the water that flows through your tap first flowed under the Rocky Mountain National Park? The Town’s drinking water primarily comes from the Colorado River that is delivered to Carter Lake. Learn more about where your water comes from, how it gets to your house and our plans to meet future water needs.

Colorado-Big Thompson Project 

The Town’s potable water supply comes from snowmelt from the Colorado River headwaters stored in Lake Granby and delivered to Carter Lake through the Colorado-Big Thompson Project (C-BT). This high-quality source water is treated by agreement at CWCWD’s treatment and storage facilities at Carter Lake located west of Berthoud, Colorado. High-pressure CWCWD transmission mains transport water to the town’s distribution mains through a number of meters from which point the town’s water distribution system begins. 

Windy Gap Project

The Town owns 7 units of Windy Gap Project water. This project completed in 1985 delivers water from Windy Gap Reservoir to Lake Granby with C-BT water. The Town also stores Windy Gap water in Dry Creek Reservoir.  

Raw Water

The Town of Frederick has implemented a Raw Water System (RWS) for irrigation to complement the town’s potable water system. The Raw Water System supply is fed from the Lower Boulder Ditch and stored in Milavec Lake. Untreated, non-potable, water is pumped out of Milavec Lake to supply three irrigation ponds on Town property. Two ponds are located on the Bella Rosa Golf Course and the third is located in Centennial Park. 

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