Irrigation Controller Rebate

Town of Frederick water customers are eligible for rebates for the purchase of new irrigation controllers. Irrigation controllers help conserve water using local weather data and landscape information to create a customized watering schedule for your garden. 

If you live west of I-25, your water provider is Left Hand Water District. Please visit Left Hand Water District’s website to explore rebates available to you.

Follow these 3 easy steps to get your rebate today!

Step 1: Research qualified irrigation controllers and review the program rules listed below.
Step 2: Purchase and install a qualified irrigation controller.
Step 3: Complete the rebate application!

Program Rules

  1. To qualify, the irrigation controller must be an EPA WaterSense certified Wi-Fi irrigation controller for underground automatic irrigation system. A list of eligible irrigation controllers can be found on the WaterSense website. Weather-based and soil-based irrigation controllers are eligible.
    1. Town of Frederick water customers are eligible for a rebate of up to $200 for a new irrigation controller, excluding installation costs and sales tax. This rebate will be credited to your utility account.
    2. Left Hand Water District customers are not eligible for this rebate.
    3. Irrigation controller must be purchased new to qualify. Equipment that is used, leased, refurbished, rented, received from warranty or insurance claims, exchanged or won as a prize, do not qualify for this rebate. 
    4. To qualify, WaterSense toilet must be fully paid for and installed.
    5. The rebate application must include a picture of the installed irrigation controller.
    6. The rebate application must include a receipt for the purchase of the irrigation controller.
    7. Each household is limited to one rebate within a 10-year period.
    8. Qualifying applicant must be a current Town of Frederick water customer whose account is in good standing. The name on the rebate application must match the name on the utility billing account.
    9. A site inspection performed by Town of Frederick staff may be required before crediting your utility billing account.
    10. To be eligible, purchases must be completed after January 1, 2023. Applications must be received by the Town no later than January 15, of the year after purchase. For example, a new irrigation controller purchased on July 1, 2024, must be submitted for the rebate no later than January 15, 2025.
    11. Existing and new homes are eligible for this rebate. Irrigation controllers purchased by the previous owner or builder are not eligible for the rebate program.
    12. Rebates are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and are limited to available funds.
    13. Application forms without complete information or a valid receipt will not be accepted.


These items will need to be uploaded to the online application:

  1. Photocopy of legal ID
  2. Photocopy of receipt, including brand, model number, price, and date of purchase
  3. Photo of installed irrigation controller

If you have any questions, please contact Kylie Couch:


Phone: 720.382.5612