Potable Water Supply

Within Frederick’s town limits, there are three entities involved with public potable water supply (water fit for consumption by humans and other animals). Those suppliers are the Town of Frederick, Central Weld County Water District, and Left Hand Water District. All residents on the east side of I-25 are Town of Frederick customers.  

New Residents

If you are a new resident living on the east side of I-25 you are a Town of Frederick water customer. Instructions for setting up utility billing for your new residence can be found here Version OptionsWaterHeadlin. If you are a resident living on the west side of I-25 you are a customer of Left Hand Water District. For questions regarding utility billing from Left Hand Water District please visit their website

Future Potable Water Supplies

To avoid expensive capital investments and to be good stewards of limited natural resources, the Town encourages water conservation through financial and educational means. In order to secure adequate supplies of high-quality water for the Town’s current and future potable supplies, Frederick is one of 14 Northern Colorado water providers involved with the Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP).

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Water Supply

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