Special Event & Temporary Use Permits

Temporary Use is defined as:

An operation or establishment of a temporary land use or a temporary structure for a limited duration.

Special Event is defined as:

An event where the primary purpose is not the use of land or sale of products. Special events often require Town resources to accommodate that event and are intended to or likely to attract substantial crowds. Special events are unlike the customary or usual activities generally associated with the property where the special event is to be located.

To apply for a Special Event Permit, please visit this page: Special Event Permit

To apply for a Temporary Use Permit, please visit this page and select "Temporary Use Permit": Applications & Fees

*The Temporary Use Application process will be available January 1, 2024. Until then, please continue to reach out to the Public Works Department.

Temporary Use Permit ExamplesSpecial Event Permit Examples
Outdoor Retail Sales (Christmas Trees, Farm Produce, Fire Works etc.)
Construction Material StagingFarmers Market
Real Estate Sales OfficeFestival

Bike and Foot Races


Other Private Events (over 100 people)