Skate Park at Frederick Recreation Area

The Town of Frederick is getting ready to submit a grant application to Great Outdoors Colorado to obtain funding to build a skate park. The skate park is planned to be located in the southern portion of Frederick Recreation Area, along Godding Hollow Parkway. The Town is working with Team Pain, a professional skate park design and construction firm with worldwide recognition.  

In July, we held our first public design meeting to gather ideas and feedback on what community members would like to see.  We followed that up with a second public meeting to present concepts based on the feedback we heard, and gathered even more feedback.  The concepts you see here reflect all that we’ve heard to date.  

Do you want to see this skatepark in Frederick? Then we need your help! In order to get grant funding for this project, we need to show strong community support, especially from those who will use the park. Please fill out the form below and get all of your friends to fill it out too - the more community members we hear from, the better! 
FREDERICK Skate Park design 6
FREDERICK Skate Park design 2
FREDERICK Skate Park design 4
FREDERICK Skate Park design 5
FREDERICK Skate Park design 3