Recommended Trees

The Town of Frederick recommends the planting of trees on private property.  Trees selected have the best chance of successful growth when they are rated an A or B on the Colorado State list.  If you prefer, an abbreviated list of recommended trees follows.

  1. Deciduous Shade Trees Over 40'
  2. Deciduous Shade Trees Under 40'
  3. Coniferous Trees
  4. Trees NOT Recommended
Norway Maple Good fall color (yellow).
Red Maple Good (yellow to red) fall color.
Horse Chestnut Large spiney fruit capsule. Best for large areas.
Western Catalpa Fruit can be messy. Great spring white blooms. Large heart shaped leaf.
Hackberry  A very drought hardy tree. 
Honey Locust Shade master, Imperial & Skyline varieties are drought tolerant. Fine texture.
Bur Oak Oak is a very hardy species in this area. Grows slow but is strong. Acorns.
Pin Oak Good fall color (bronze to red).
Northern Red Oak  Fast growing. Good fall color. Shade. Provides pollen for bees. 
American Linden Large green leaves and dense foliage. Shade. Provides pollen for bees.
Little Leaf Linden Dense foliage. Shade. Provides pollen for bees.
Redmond Linden Large deep green leaves fade to yellow in fall. Shade. Provides pollen for bees.
Sterling Silver Linden Attractive dark green foliage with silver undersides. Shade. Provides pollen for bees.

If the tree you desire is not on the list above, it must be rated A or B on the Front Range Tree Recommendation List.  Please also verify if the tree you desire is on the list of trees not allowed as it may have disease or insect potential. 

***We are sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.***