Code Talk

Choose the Path of LEASHED Resistance! 
At first glance, The Town of Frederick Municipal Code, regarding the use of leashes for dogs may be a little “ruff” to understand. For dogs on their owner's property, or on the property of another who has given permission, the ordinance requires that dogs stay on that property by means which prevent the dog from crossing into any public way. This can be accomplished several ways, including, but not limited to; the use of a leash when in the presence of a person, a fence, an underground electronic barrier with a transmitter collar worn by the dog, or voice control of a competent person. 

For dogs off their owner's property, the ordinance explains that they must be restrained by a leash 15 feet or shorter. To summarize, all dogs must be leashed unless they are on private property. The exception would be when visiting the Town of Frederick Dog Park located at Milavec Lake! 

It is important to note that leashes don’t exist just to be a buzzkill, they’re an important safety tool. They protect the safety of humans and non-humans alike, and we all need to take responsibility for the use of them.

 A person charged with a dog running at large violation for the first time, or second time within a three-year period, may at the discretion of the charging officer, be eligible for a mail-in plea of guilty, not requiring a court appearance.  Residents of Frederick holding a current dog license issued by the Frederick Police Department (either at the time of the violation or having purchased the dog license prior to entry of the guilty plea by mail) are eligible for the early pay option.  The early payment option carries with it a $75.00 fine, $25 surcharge and $50 impound fee per animal. Dog running at large is designated a noncriminal violation; therefore not subject to incarceration upon conviction and not entitled to a trial by jury.  Any person convicted or pleading guilty to this charge may be fined an amount not to exceed $1,000. Please contact non-emergency dispatch at 720-652-4222 to report off-leash dogs causing unease and stray dogs as well. 

When it Comes to Cold and Pets, Safety First

As the temperature decreases, the number of complaints about animals left outside increase. It is best to keep pets indoors. Outdoor pets need access to a dry, draft-free shelter, appropriate in size. Bedding should be straw-not blankets. Pets also need access to drinkable water at all times. Use plastic food and water dishes to keep pets tongues from freezing to metal.

When you encounter an animal left in the cold, take note of the date, time, exact location and type of animal(s) involved and write down as many details as possible about the situation, then contact non-emergency dispatch at 720-652-4222, for an officer to be dispatched.