Animals at Large

Lost Dogs

Section 7, Article V of the Frederick Municipal Code states that when animals are picked up in the Town of Frederick, a notice is posted on the front door of the Police Department to notify the citizens (sec 7-109). If you have lost a dog, please contact the Community Service Officer or Police Officer on duty right away at 720.652.4222. Often times, dogs are held at the police department for a few hours waiting to be claimed by their owners. Lost dogs are taken to Longmont Humane Society, 9595 Nelson Road, Longmont, CO 80501 (303.772.1232) (sec 7-107). Longmont Humane Society is open 7 days a week (except holidays). Please visit their website for hours of operations.

Minimal requirements to release an impounded animal:

1. Proof of current rabies vaccination (sec. 7-103). If no proof is available, the Humane Society will charge a $20.00 fee and administer the vaccination.

2. Town of Frederick dog license (sec. 7-101).

Lost Cats

The Community Services Unit does not accept or transport stray or contained cats found within the Town of Frederick. We encourage you to license your cats with the police department, so we have a record of owner and address if someone finds your cat and calls the police department.