Pet License

Licensing Your Pets

Per Frederick Municipal Code Section 7-101, dogs and cats owned by residents of the Town of Frederick are required to be licensed yearly. Licenses are required to be updated every year in January and are good through December 31. 

Dog and cat license fees:

  • Dog or cat license, altered (spayed or neutered) - $5.00
  • Dog or cat license, unaltered - $15.00

Each application for a pet license can be made at the Frederick Police Department located at 333 5th Street. Please remember to bring a copy of the animal’s rabies vaccination, and make sure it is current. You can download/print our New Pet License Form

The pet license and vaccination tag should be attached to the collar worn by the dog or cat at all times. Additionally, the town encourages owners to microchip their pets to aid in identification.

It is the goal of our Community Service Unit to try to return lost pets home to their owners. Licensing or tagging your pet greatly increases the chances that it will be returned to you if it is ever lost, so please stop by to purchase your dog or cat license today!