Silverstone Marketplace

After nearly two years of site selection and negotiations, the Town of Frederick will be the future home to King Soopers Marketplace located at the northwest corner of Colorado Blvd. and Highway 52 in the Silverstone master-planned community. It will be conveniently located to serve the daily needs of all Frederick residents from the west of I-25 to the east side of Town.  

The Silverstone Marketplace shopping center, being developed by Evergreen Development, will be the anchor for a new King Soopers Marketplace while providing space for additional business and community offerings. In addition to the 123,000-square-foot King Soopers Marketplace, the development anticipates adding approximately 75,000 square feet of retail, restaurant, and commercial space, already receiving strong tenant interest. Once completed, this King Soopers Marketplace will be the largest grocery store in Carbon Valley, creating approximately 300 employment opportunities. 




Updates on the Silverstone Marketplace Development 

We're thrilled to share some remarkable progress regarding the Silverstone Marketplace development, a project that promises to enrich our community's offerings and create exciting opportunities. 

Watch the video recording of the August 8, 2023, regular Board of Trustees meeting with the Public Hearing Consideration of the Silverstone Marketplace Final Development Plan and Preliminary/Final Plat.
Read the Action Agenda item from the August 8, 2023, regular Board of Trustees meeting: Public Hearing Consideration of the Silverstone Marketplace Final Development Plan and Preliminary/Final Plat.

Highlights from the August 8, 2023, regular Board of Trustees meeting:

Prime Location: The development is situated at the NW intersection of Colorado Blvd. and HWY 52, placing it at the heart of our vibrant community.

King Soopers Marketplace: Covering 123K sq. ft., the King Soopers Marketplace is set to become the largest grocery store in the Carbon Valley. This brings convenience and creates around 300 employment opportunities for our locals.

Dynamic Development: The project is led by Evergreen Development, a team committed to crafting spaces that enhance communities.

Expanded Retail Space: Get ready for more! The development anticipates an addition of approximately 75,000 sq. ft. of retail, restaurant, and commercial spaces, further enriching our shopping and dining experiences.

Progress Milestones

July 6, 2023: The Planning Commission gave their approval seal, underscoring this development's positive impact.

August 8, 2023: The Board of Trustees granted approval for the Final Development Plan and Preliminary/Final Plat, marking another significant step forward.

Detailed Site Planning: The Site Plan, which delves into the specifics of King Soopers, the fueling center, and two in-line retail buildings, is undergoing administrative review. It covers landscaping, lighting, architecture, parking, and more.

Groundbreaking Horizons

Fall 2023: We're gearing up for the horizontal groundbreaking, which is just around the corner.

First Half of 2024: The vertical ground breaking is anticipated in the early months of 2024.

Completion on the Horizon

First Half of 2025: Brace yourselves for the completion of King Soopers and pad site commercial users. We're in for an exciting journey ahead!

We're truly thrilled about the developments underway at Silverstone Marketplace. This remarkable project is set to redefine convenience, community, and collaboration, and we can't wait to experience the vibrant energy it will bring to our town.

Stay tuned for more updates, and let's look forward to the promising future of our community!