Mayor's Message

March 2021

Happy “we March to the beat of our own drum month”, Frederick! For this, I am proud to share what we are up to in Fred this spring.

Faced with challenges last year, we tried a landfill voucher program for Clean Up Days, and it worked! Building on this success, Town of Frederick residents can get a voucher for one free trip to the Front Range Landfill during April. For more details about the voucher, year-round tree limb disposal, electronic recycling days, and senior item pick-up, visit our Clean Up Days page.

The Town of Frederick Scholarship application is now live! Each year the scholarship commission invites high school seniors, who are Frederick residents, to apply for an on-going scholarship to their chosen college or trade school. Applicants are asked to complete the application form and write a short essay describing what “Built On What Matters” means to them and how their continued education will personify the Frederick brand. If you are a senior or know a senior to nominate, read more about the Scholarship Commission.

Frederick is a safe community where people can live, work and thrive. Being neighborly and kind is the Frederick way, and leading by example are our men and women in blue. Recently, I had the sincere pleasure to do a ride-along with one of our Frederick Police Officers. I am never surprised by this department’s integrity, dedication, and positive contributions to our community. But, the level of community concern our officers carry was eye-opening. Learning and hearing about our officer’s role in protecting life, liberty, and property was admirable.

Seeing our officers assisting our citizens and businesses with a sincere heart through education, advice, and community involvement made me beam with pride.  Through community policing, our FPD cares about you and is watching out for you. They exemplify the philosophy that authority is not a power; it is a responsibility.  Thank you to the FREDerick Police Department for being who you are, the ride-along, and the reminder of how impactful you are to our community.

Congratulations to Justin Glantz for being promoted to Police Commander! As well as to Matt James and Aaron Herbert for being promoted to the rank of Sergeant! Professional growth and career development aside, I am happy for you, and I am happy for Frederick.

Town of Frederick Mayor, Tracie Crites