Mayor's Message

November 2021

Hi, Frederick! Happy November!

Would you please join me in celebrating the addition of Via Mobility Services to Frederick? Via is a free transportation service for Frederick seniors (age 60 or better) and people with special abilities. Vía provides services in the community for individuals who are unable to drive due to age, health, disability, or income. Via's mission is to promote independence and self-sufficiency for people with limited mobility by providing caring, customer-focused transportation options. Via operates Monday through Friday from 8 am to 3 pm. Learn more and register for this service.

Frederick is partnering with FHS Student Council, Carbon Valley Help Center, Rocky Mountain Christian Church, and the Weld Food Bank to provide Thanksgiving dinner to those in need. Our goal is to donate a dinner (Turkey & all the fixins') to 100 families in need in the Carbon Valley. How can you help? Nominate a family in need, drop off specific food items from the list (on our website), or donate money for pumpkin pies. New for 2021: drop off donations at the Back 9 Restaurant at Bella Rosa Golf Course (5830 Bella Rosa Parkway) and get a coupon for 10% off your entire bill. See all the details for this community program here.

Before the big snow storm comes, it is a good idea to learn about our new snow & ice control plan. We all know winter weather can be sudden and unexpected in Colorado. The Town of Frederick PWD maintains approximately 104 miles of public streets (220 lane miles) and over 18 miles of trails and sidewalks. As the Town grows, more roads are added, increasing the overall street maintenance workload carried by Public Works. To keep up with growth and keep streets safe and ready for emergency personnel during and after storms producing snow and ice, the Town has adopted a tiered approach to snow control. This plan will prioritize and identify primary routes (Tier 1) and secondary routes (Tier 2) as designated roads to be plowed due to snow accumulation and icy conditions. All other residential streets (Tier 3) will only be plowed after snowstorms that produce over eight inches of snow within one 24-hour period. We are moving in this direction to focus on emergency routes, major arterials, and main subdivision routes (the in and out route of a neighborhood) to provide our emergency personnel with safe routes that will ultimately increase the wellbeing of our residents. You can use the online map at to see every street's designation.

While it is not my place or position to tell you how to vote or even to advocate for one ideal or another, I would like to take this opportunity to share my appreciation for the continued partnership of the Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District. Healthy activities to help us all remain active as a multi-generational community and connect on "play," and improve our physical, mental, and social wellbeing are vital components to our quality of life. CVPRD has been a part of the Frederick community since the 1980s, and year after year, I see and feel their support of a strong, vibrant, and healthy community. Thank you to their team for valuing our partnership and allowing Frederick to be grateful hosts to their connection over the years.  

Town of Frederick Mayor, Tracie Crites