Mayor's Message

Dear Residents of Frederick,

Two words shape my thinking as Mayor of Frederick – community and democracy.

Both words are evocative and aspirational. Both words have different meanings for different people. Both words encompass goals we hope to achieve. Both words are used when speaking of where we are, where we are going, and how we plan to get there. As your Mayor, I strive not only to honor both words, but even more to live up to the ideals behind the words.

Community is the bedrock of Frederick. Community is who we are. Community is the driving force behind what we will be. Community binds us together in common causes.

Frederick enjoys a remarkable economic environment. Small businesses are at our core. Larger businesses are making equal contributions to our diverse and dynamic development. Our welcoming of all businesses sets Frederick apart as a thriving community on the Front Range, a community on the move. As a small businessman at heart, I fully appreciate the effort, planning, creative thinking, and stress that go into achieving success. I revere the democratic values underlying the successes of all businesses – large and small.

My fellow Board members and I are working to preserve those values, to ensure that Frederick’s community spirit respects and protects a flexible environment, an environment that affords businesses opportunities to thrive without diminishing our quality of life.

We’re giving full attention to sustaining Frederick’s wonderful social community. Frederick’s life style didn’t happen. It has grown and evolved because of citizen participation in local events. It’s because our families and friends place a high premium on our parks and area gathering places. It’s because as citizens we have not accepted what is, we have had the vision to see what could be. It’s because we don’t wait for things to happen, we implement strategic plans to make things happen. This foundation will continue as the Board is preparing for its next retreat. The focus will be working hard to develop itself as a cohesive unit committed to the betterment of the community while embracing the diversity which exists. The Board Retreat’s objective will also include the development a framework consisting of measurable and achievable goals within our financial condition without compromising long-term sustainability. The goals we are setting today are shaping Frederick’s tomorrow. The decisions we are making now will determine not only where we go and where we stand, but how strong our community will be in coming decades.

We are privileged to live in the world’s premier democracy. The principles of our democracy are strongest at the local level. Citizen input is most meaningful and has the greatest impact when it is given directly to those elected to represent the community’s best interests. I was elected Mayor to represent the best interests of all Frederick citizens. I take my representation of you seriously. I want to hear from you. I welcome knowing how you feel and what you think about issues on our agenda. Accordingly, our retreat will also involve an aggressive communication plan to reach out to all of you as citizens and businesses in the community.

As your Mayor, I encourage everyone to consecrate those two words – community and democracy.

Be informed. Stay in touch with me and your other elected officials. Let us know how we’re doing and what’s on your mind. Join your thoughts and voices with ours. Little is accomplished when we act in isolation. Yet when all voices are heard, when all views are weighed, when all options are considered and when consensus is reached, Frederick’s best is yet to come.


Mayor Tony Carey