Telephone Town Hall

On October 3rd at 6:30 pm, our community came together virtually for an engaging Telephone Town Hall (TTH) event that connected residents with their elected officials and town representatives. This interactive gathering provided an opportunity for residents to actively participate, ask questions, share their opinions, and gain insights into various matters impacting our community.

We sincerely appreciate your active participation in making this event a success! Your involvement not only helped create a sense of unity but also provided us with valuable insights into the concerns and interests of our community. Here’s a bit of what we learned from those who participated in our polling questions:

Top three areas residents thought the town needed to improve the most:Telephone Town Hall

Parks and Open Space  -  Road Maintenance  -  Traffic Congestion 

Overall resident satisfaction with Town services:

Satisfied 48%
Somewhat Satisfied 38%
Somewhat Unsatisfied 14%
Unsatisfied 0 

Top three ways residents indicated they would like to engage with the Town:

Surveys  -  Social Media/Town App  -  Volunteer at community events 

 Feel free to visit the entire Telephone Town Hall conversation in full or explore the abbreviated Q & A below.