Comprehensive Plan

2015 Comprehensive Plan Update
The Comprehensive Plan is in the midst of being updated and a draft plan is likely to be available early in the first quarter of 2016. Houseal Lavigne Associates was hired to conduct the update. The project website includes a variety of ways to have your voice heard including completing a survey and using an interactive map to identify specific areas of town where you would like to see a change. Check back often to see what project information has been posted.

The Comprehensive Plan is a guide used by the Board of Trustees to make decisions about how best to facilitate new growth in the town while preserving its historic, small-town feel. The plan begins with a description of the community’s vision for the future, followed by a series of broad goals, specific policies, and detailed strategies designed to achieve that vision over time.

Specific topics addressed by the plan include economic development, transportation, land use, culture, and other elements that impact a community. The vision, mission, and major goals of the plan are provided below, along with links to each complete plan section for additional detail.

Vision, Mission & Major Goals
  • Introduction:
    • Community Vision - A dynamic, picturesque community that offers diverse opportunities while respecting its heritage and planning for its future.
    • Community Mission - Frederick aspires to be a balanced community where residents can live, work, learn, and play. The town should be safe, friendly, connected, walkable, and inclusive for all residents, with ample places and opportunities for people to interact and recreate.
  • Growth of the Town:
    • Goal 1 - Grow with the intention of maintaining a small-town sense of community.
    • Goal 2 - Create a healthy balance between housing, employment, availability of goods and services, recreation, and cultural opportunities within the community.
    • Goal 3 - Utilize various measures for managing growth at the town's edges.
  • Image and Design:
    • Goal 4 - Preserve and enhance Frederick's small-town and rural character.
    • Goal 5 - Enhance the aesthetic image of Frederick and the surrounding area by improving the appearance of major highway corridors and entryways.
    • Goal 6 - Encourage design diversity and excellence.
    • Goal 7 - Emphasize the significance of key community places and buildings.
  • Housing:
    • Goal 8 - Provide diversity in the types of housing to adequately supply residential units for all economic segments.
    • Goal 9 - Maintain and develop quality residential neighborhoods by using design characteristics that create and preserve the small-town atmosphere.
  • Economic Development:
    • Goal 10 - Strive for a diverse, balanced business community that brings economic vitality, while maintaining a balance with population and community character.
  • Commercial Development:
    • Goal 11 - Encourage the growth of commercial services within the town while preserving the community character and meeting the needs of the citizens.
    • Goal 12 - Provide the opportunity for the Highway 52 corridor east of Weld County Road 11 to develop as a mixed-use corridor.
  • Industrial
    • Goal 13 - Encourage desirable industrial development within the Town consistent with the Town's overall growth policies.
  • Transportation:
    • Goal 14 - Provide and maintain a roadway network which meets Frederick's circulation and access needs in a safe, economical, and efficient manner.
    • Goal 15 - Encourage alternative transportation modes in the Town of Frederick.
  • Public Improvements:
    • Goal 16 - Maintain Frederick as a desirable community through the installation of public improvement providing a high level of service.
  • Parks, Open Space, and Recreation:
    • Goal 17 - Create an integrated system of parks, trails, and open space.
    • Goal 18 - Encourage the expansion of parks, trails and recreation facilities as the town expands west of Interstate 25 to facilitate a balance and help connect the community.
    • Goal 19 - Preserve significant natural, cultural, and agricultural resources within the planning area and maintain the rural character of Frederick - see supplement below.
  • Environment:
    • Goal 20 - Protect and enhance the Town of Frederick's environmental quality and natural resources.
    • Goal 21 - Reduce solid and hazardous waste.
  • Cultural, Historical, Educational, and Human Service Opportunities:
    • Goal 22 - Maintain a high quality of life for Frederick residents by supporting and expanding cultural, historic, educational, and human service opportunities.
    • Goal 23 - Create a feeling of community cohesiveness within the Town of Frederick.
  • Amendments
  • Definitions