Parks and Open Space Strategic Planning and Capital Projects

The Parks, Open Space, and Trails (P.O.S.T.) Master Plan is a tool that the Town uses to implement its Comprehensive Plan and identifies the outdoor recreation needs of today's residents, anticipates those of tomorrow, and provides a framework for creating a vibrant system of parks, open space, and trails. 

2021 P.O.S.T. Master Plan

2010 P.O.S.T. Master Plan

The Parks and Open Space Department creates Annual Action Plans for each of its two operational divisions - Parks, Open Space, and Trails, as well as the Golf division. These plans provide a detailed narrative of capital improvement projects and strategic planning for the upcoming year. 

P.O.S.T. 2023 Annual Action Plan

Annual Reports

The Parks and Open Space Department creates an annual report highlighting capital projects and other important improvements to the Town's outdoor recreation assets each year. 

2022 Parks and Open Space Annual Report