Strategic Plan 2021

Effective, Efficient & Strategic Government OperationsEffective Efficient Strategic Government

The Town of Frederick will lead the region in a culture of efficiency and innovation in all municipal services that far exceed the community’s expectations, magnifying the fact that Frederick is Built on What Matters. Ensure all adopted Master Plans guide our processes.

  • Develop a strategy for our current land inventory.
  • Actively pursue Home Rule Status.*

Safe and SecureSafe & Secure

Residents of Frederick experience safety and peace of mind knowing they live in the safest community in Colorado.

  • The Town of Frederick will continue efforts to implement the commitments made resulting from the Ballot Initiative 2A.*

Community Economic VitalityCommunity and Economic Vitality

Frederick is a community that fosters economic, recreational, cultural, and environmental vitality and enhances various economic opportunities.

  • Develop a design for Frederick Recreation Area as a regional park and destination for all mobilities.
  • Develop and implement a retail attraction strategy.
  • Explore revitalization strategies for 5th Street, including a potential cultural center with programming for youth.
  • Complete an update to the Zoning Code.*
  • Complete an update to the Comprehensive Plan.*

Dynamic Inclusive Connected CommunityDynamic, Inclusive & Connected Community

Frederick is represented by diverse nonprofit, cultural, business, and geographic participation. Residents are actively engaged in activities and initiatives; they are encouraged and supported to address essential community needs and issues.

  • Complete a community satisfaction survey and establish a regular schedule for surveying the community.*
  • Continue offering accessible public engagement opportunities, including virtual public comment for Board meetings.

Fiscally Responsible GovernanceFiscally Responsible Governance

The Town of Frederick plans for, identifies, and utilizes resources that reflect exemplary stewardship for those who live in Frederick and those who seek out Frederick in the future.

  • The Bella Rosa Golf Course is an amenity that strives to be inclusive for the entire community and adds to the diversity of

    recreation throughout the Carbon Valley. In addition, the Golf Course will move toward financial self-sufficiency.

Strategic Reliable Sustainable InfrastructureStrategic, Reliable & Sustainable Infrastructure

Frederick is dedicated to investing in existing and future transportation, water, stormwater, and technology while planning for sustainable growth and development. Frederick takes steps to implement all adopted plans.

  • Complete a Facilities Master Plan to account for the current needs and looking out 50 years for the future growth needs of the Town.
  • Develop a sustainable strategy for park maintenance and expansion, using the Parks, Open Space, and

    Trails Master Plan.

  • Complete a Golf Course Master Plan.

  • Complete a Water Master Plan that includes the pursuit of water shares for use in economic development.

    * Denotes directives carried forward from 2020.