Community and Economic Vitality

Frederick is a community that fosters economic, recreational, cultural and environmental vitality and builds upon and enhances various economic opportunities. 

  • Develop a design for Frederick Recreation Area as a regional park and destination for all mobility’s. 
    • Met with P.O.S.T. Commission
    • Hired Parks Director position
    • Funding included in 2022 budget
    • Strategy Implementation begins early 2022
  • Develop and implement a retail attraction strategy. 
    • Retail overview complete
    • Retail analysis presentation to Board – November 2021
  • Explore revitalization strategies for 5th St. including public facilities and programming for youth.
    • Project tied to facilities master plan completion
    • Grant Administrator position included in Proposed Fiscal Year 2022 Budget
    • Early 2022 – actively pursue options for a potential cultural/youth center
  • Complete an update to the Zoning Code.
    • Listening sessions completed 12/31/21
    • Land Use attorney completed initial recommendations and analysis 12/31/21
    • Best management practices analysis completed by EOY 2021
    • Early 2022 – present initial code updates to Board for approval
    • Identifying public engagement strategy for 2022
    • 2022 – begin work on subsequent code updates
  • Complete an update to the Comprehensive Plan.
    • Funding included in Fiscal Year 2022 Budget
    • Mid 2022 – commence solicitation of proposals for consultant

Community Economic Vitality