Mission, Vision & Values

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 To foster an exceptional and inclusive community that is Built on What Matters.


Building a safe, inviting, and culturally vibrant community which fosters economic growth and opportunity, while preserving our heritage.

Tag Line

Built on What Matters

FRED Values

Creating a culture of FAMILY where individuals feel RESPECTED and EMPOWERED by others and are DEDICATED to our Town.





A group of people who all support one another without condition.Showing kindness and thoughtful regard for others. Treating others as you would have them treat you.To build confidence in others through encouragement and motivation.A person who has the desire and ability to perform excellent work and in doing so creates and extraordinary experience for you and those around you.

Family is...

Respect is...

Empower is...

Dedicated is...

  1. Committed to one another.
  2. Celebrate one another.
  3. Makes each other feel comfortable.
  1. Being an honest person; you should be straightforward with yourself and with others.
  2. Figuring out how to listen; be willing to hear opposing opinions, even outrageous ones, and learn about the worldview of people you don’t agree with. 
  3. Learning to disagree with peers and to give criticism in a constructive manner.

  1. If you observe something positive about someone, verbalize it.
  2. Using work errors as teaching and learning opportunities. 
  3. Trusting your team to get their work done without micromanagement.

  1. Sharing the workload.
  2. Going outside your box to help others in their work.
  3. Exceeding expectations in an effort to cultivate the FRED vision.

Family is not...

Respect is not...

Empower is not...

Dedicated is not...

  1. Helping someone for your own gain.
  2. Refusing to help someone when you have the knowledge and capability to do so.
  3. Not speaking up when you see something is wrong.
  1. Gossiping about someone and creating conflict.
  2. Refusing to listen and acknowledge other points of view.
  3. Putting someone down with insults.
  1. Not giving clear direction and expecting results. 
  2. Bringing someone down for their mistakes instead of working with them to correct the mistake.
  3. Asserting your dominance because you think you know what is best.
  1. Doing the bare minimum.
  2. Saying, “that is not my job.”
  3. Not taking accountability for your work or actions.

The 5 W's of FRED

WHO is FRED for?

FRED is for all of us! It gives us a clear and concise standard to follow and holds ourselves and others up to the vision. By keeping ourselves accountable to this standard, we create an inclusive and productive work environment of which we can be proud.


FRED stands for Family, Respect, Empower, and Dedicated. We are creating a culture of Family where individuals feel Respected and Empowered by others and are Dedicated to the Town.

WHEN does FRED matter?

The best way to answer this question is with examples:

  • When someone asks for help, you help without conditions. That is part of being a family.
  • When you hear gossip, stop that person and ask why they feel the need to talk behind that person’s back instead of confronting the problem head-on? That is respect.
  • When someone makes a mistake, turn it into a learning opportunity by teaching them the proper way. Then, trust that they learned from their mistake and avoid micromanagement. That is empowerment.
  • When someone is doing the bare minimum, help to evaluate if they are implementing the FRED culture. If someone is a part of the Family, feels Respected and Empowered, they will be Dedicated. 

WHERE is FRED used?

FRED is not just a work thing! It can be something we live every day. They are core values that make us good people.

WHY does FRED help us to achieve our goals?

  • Our daily goal should be to create a desirable work environment. 
  • We want everyone to be excited to come to work; NOT scared. 
  • There is a direct correlation between how someone is treated and how they perform. 
  • Our daily goal should be to connect with people, to help them realize their gifts, and share those gifts so that they can go home each day feeling fulfilled.  
  • If we work as a family, respect and empower one another, that takes dedication, and there is no task that we cannot accomplish at the highest level.