Will there ever be another street other than Colorado and County Road 19 that goes through to Highway 56? Can we get pavement of the dirt roads?

William Bailey will go all the way, not all the way through the entirety of the town, but from Tipple to Highway 52. What we run into with your question is another jurisdiction to the north of us in Firestone has to also align and have the same roads that will extend all the way through. As development comes in, I think we get a little challenge to make sure those continuous connections happen in that manner. In regards to paving dirt roads, our team has a very robust program within the Town of Frederick that all dirt roads receive some type of maintenance at least monthly. 

In addition, there are some dirt roads that receive more, but we are aware of the dirt roads and the conditions and we work to improve in the best that we can. As part of that, within our Transportation Master Plan. It focuses on high volume traffic areas and addressing those needs first and those typically fall within intersections because it's serving a much broader population. So, within that Transportation Master Plan, it identifies those priorities as intersections first and then those things that have lesser traffic that are further on the list.

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21. Will there ever be another street other than Colorado and County Road 19 that goes through to Highway 56? Can we get pavement of the dirt roads?