What is the Town doing to contribute to water conservation?

About a year ago, we adopted a water efficiency plan. That plan focused around conservation measures. The Board directed staff to hire someone who could specialize in championing programs and projects all focused around conservation. And we've done that. Kylie, is our water conservation specialist. She's been championing a lot of programs related to landscape modifications and water modifications. 

Conservation is kind of a new area where the board has really focused on making a measurable improvement on our water usage of the town. We're not going to be putting water that really is good treated water on the ground to water turf areas. 

We're going to be making modifications that we have raw water and we have less need for high-level turf. I'll add internally our parks department obviously were one of the larger water users in town and so we've been working very diligently to implement that water conservation plan internally. We have two staff that are certified irrigation auditors that's made us more efficient by being able to program our controllers to be more responsive to what's going on with the environment. To that end we are working to install smart irrigation controllers. We've done about six parks already this year and we hope to finish the rest of the irrigation systems in 2024. Those will allow us to control those systems from anywhere on earth with an internet connection so the rains or it's windy or anything like that we're able to turn those off and then long-term as we look to improve those neighborhood parks like I mentioned before really taking a hard look at what turf do we need for active use. Are there areas that we can have more native planning? Are there areas where we can limit some of that non-functional turf? So those are all some of the short long-term things that we're looking at internally.

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