I just had a question about Bella Rosa and Colorado. Is there any plans on that intersection also?

That intersection was one that the Town of Frederick and Firestone teamed up to request grant money to do some big improvements. We were able to acquire $2 million to help put in bigger turn signals, and widen that intersection. It'll connect down into Bella Rosa, and so we've got trail improvements planned there. So, yeah, just a general intersection improvement. Typically, there's some right-of-way acquisition that has to happen too. And as we expect to start design, I'm going to guess the end of this year, early '24, will be identifying areas of need for that intersection to improve. 

But it is a positive that both Frederick and Firestone are looking to improve that. That is our town boundary line with them, and so both of us have definite needs to see that area widened and improved. This intersection was on our Capital Improvement and Transportation Master Plan Improvement project list last season because I believe there were some drainage components and some engineering work that needed to be done prior to. 

If you look at the golf course and the water from drainage that comes through Bella Rosa, drains to the north across Bella Rosa, you'll see that box culvert improvements are needed. And so, the timing of those improvements, so we're not impacting the citizens continually is something we're coordinating and making sure that we're doing the best for our residents.

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15. I just had a question about Bella Rosa and Colorado. Is there any plans on that intersection also?
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