My neighborhood park is bad, what's the plan for improving and adding better amenities?

We have over 20 neighborhood parks in the Town of Frederick so maybe outside of this call if you don't mind sharing specifically which park you'd like some special attention to. We just started the department in January of 2022 so short-term we're really focused on improving our institutional capacity and that's to improve maintenance of the things that we already own as a town including the neighborhood parks, open spaces, trails. By doing that we'll improve staff training, operational planning, additional staffing, and new and improved equipment, so we're still working through some of that. In the long term, we're also simultaneously taking a holistic planning effort and approach to figure out what the priority improvements are in all of our neighborhood parks. We have 20 of them so we're trying to figure out what areas we need to focus on first with the resources that we have today - what can be improved, how can we incorporate water conservation efforts in those, are some of the things that we're looking at long-term.

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13. My neighborhood park is bad, what's the plan for improving and adding better amenities?
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