What is being done to improve Hwy 52?

While Hwy 52 is maintained by CDOT, the Town continues to communicate resident and Town interests to our CDOT partners. In 2022, the Town entered in to a multi-jurisdictional access control plan that identifies when and where access onto and from Hwy 52 should occur. As development occurs along Hwy 52, developer improvements will be made to conform to all adopted plans and traffic studies. For example, the Town is currently reviewing plans for the proposed Silverstone Marketplace development at the northwest corner of Hwy 52 and Colorado Blvd. As part of that proposed project, the applicant will be proposing to make and fund several improvements in and around Hwy 52 including:

  • Intersection improvements to Hwy 52 and Colorado Blvd. 
  • Intersection improvements to William Bailey and Hwy 52.
  • Improvements to Hwy 52 to include turns lanes, acceleration and deceleration lanes approaching intersections.
  • Hwy 52 widening adjacent to the planned development.
  • Sidewalk installation along the north side of Hwy 52 providing pedestrian connectivity.
  • Installation of a new intersection at 13th St. and Colorado Blvd and extension of 13thSt. to the West. 
  • Improvements to Colorado Blvd. as needed to connect to Hwy 52 and the new proposed intersection at 13th St.

Two neighborhood meetings have already occurred for this proposed development and additional opportunities to provide input will be forthcoming during the summer. Staff anticipates going to Planning Commission and the Board of Trustees for review and consideration mid-late summer 2023.

To contact CDOT directly: Richard.christy@stateco.us 970.350.2368

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