How does the Town determine road repair and street care?

The Town of Frederick currently maintains more than 108 centerline miles of public streets. To manage this system, the Town Engineering Department uses a Pavement Management System to assist in evaluating the pavement condition, serviceable life and maintenance strategies for Town owned roads and alleyways. A Pavement Management System is a set of tools that includes software and engineering judgment to budget for and plan maintenance and rehabilitation projects to help minimize costs while improving overall pavement conditions. Elements of the Town’s Pavement Management System includes inventory, condition data, maps, software, and engineering judgment. Through the evaluation maintenance and rehabilitation projects of Town streets are organized yearly under the Pavement Maintenance Program. The methods used in pavement maintenance and rehabilitation include crack seal, chip seal, slurry seal, asphalt mill and overlays, roadway reconstruction, street concrete replacement (curb, gutter, cross-pans), and accessible ramp replacement as required. Both Frederick Public Works personnel and contractors participate in the application of the treatment methods. Current project locations as well as project history and future project planning can be found on our Pavement Maintenance Program map.

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