Why now?

The longer we wait to address our transportation challenges, the worse—and more costly—they will become. With more than 90% of our residents commuting by vehicle, bottlenecks and unsafe intersections will only expand as the population increases. Construction costs are also on the rise, increasing approximately 6 percent annually. Addressing our roadway issues now protects residents and their vehicles, enhances our community’s infrastructure, and saves money.

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1. Why is the Town of Frederick Board considering placing a 1% sales tax proposal on the November 2023 ballot?
2. What are the benefits of the proposed transportation improvements?
3. What types of intersection upgrades would be made to improve traffic flow?
4. Would the intersection improvements be similar to those incorporated at Colorado Boulevardand Tipple Parkway?
5. Which specific intersections would be improved?
6. How would snow control be improved?
7. What snow control equipment would be added?
8. How would pothole repairs be improved?
9. How many new staff members would be hired to address pothole maintenance and snow control?
10. What pedestrian and bike-friendly connections would be addressed?
11. What is causing increased traffic congestion in Frederick?
12. Why now?
13. Why is a sales tax proposal being considered rather than a property tax proposal?
14. How can community members weigh in on the proposed transportation improvements?
15. When will the Town of Frederick Board of Trustees vote on whether to place a 1% sales tax on the ballot?
16. What if residents have additional questions about the proposal?
17. What is being done to improve Hwy 52?
18. What is the current sales tax rate in the Town of Frederick and what does a 1% increase look like in dollars?