Will there be any restrictions?

The anchor user will have some restrictions on users that would be viewed as competition (i.e. Target or a similar competitor wouldn’t be allowed to locate on the site). Other use restrictions are per the Land Use Code and Planned Unit Development (PUD) overlay. Additional land use restrictions are included as a condition of assistance from the Frederick Urban Renewal Authority. Those restrictions include limitations on smoke/pipe shops, used goods for resale, outdoor storage (not associated with outdoor displays), new or used automotive sales and no more than one automotive wash facilities. As a matter of practice, uses like automotive service shops (i.e. Grease Monkey, Firestone Auto etc.) are only allowed to perform work inside enclosed bays and not outdoors. 

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1. When will the anchor site and pad sites be complete?
2. Will there be pad sites available for sale or lease?
3. What will lease rates look like?
4. Will it have a gas station?
5. Will the traffic signal at William Bailey be modified?
6. Will there be any restrictions?
7. Is there minutes available from the last community meeting?
8. What type of construction?
9. Will there be restaurants?
10. Who can I contact if I have ideas of potential tenants?