How do I get my own carving?

This event is all about the carvers! Chainsaw carving is an art combining modern tools (chainsaws) with the ancient art of wood carving. Our carvers depend on festivals and competitions to support their livelihood. You can support them by:

  1. Visit carver booths to shop and purchase a unique wood carving.
  2. Come to the quick carve auctions on Thursday and Saturday and bid on a quick carve. Go to the Town tent to sign up for a bid paddle. The quick carves start at 6 pm and carvers have one hour to create a one of a kind carving. Bid on a carving at the live auction that will take place in the park (near the carving area).
  3. Meet the carver and purchase the masterpiece they are carving for the competition. You have four days to haggle with our carvers and finally buy that large wood carving for your property! How do I do this? Go to the event, watch the transformation and talk to the carver about your bid. Very important - review the Masterpiece Purchasing process!  The Town of Frederick Arts Commission will have the opportunity to outbid you. All bids will be finalized by the Town on Saturday, July 23 no later than 4 pm. Questions? Contact Jessica at 720.382.5512.

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5. How do I get my own carving?
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