What are the criteria to have a balloon-friendly property?

Being a balloon-friendly property means allowing hot air balloons to land on your land. How will hot air balloons know that you're a balloon-friendly property? Here are a few criteria to consider: 

Safe landing area parameters for landowners who would like balloons landing on their property:

  • The area must be large enough for the balloons to land, a minimum of about 100 ft by 100 ft, clear of trees, fences, power lines, buildings, livestock, and any other obstructions.
  • The area must be accessible by the balloon chase vehicle for pack-up.
  • The area needs to be dry with no ditches running through the area.
  • Balloons will make noise with their burners, so make sure you do not have sensitive livestock near the area you would like balloons to land.
  • Please indicate the area you would like the balloons to land with a white sheet spread out so it is visible from the air.

Thank you for considering making your property available for hot air balloon landings. If balloons land on your property, we hope you come out and introduce yourselves to the pilots and crews.

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