Town Attorney

The Office of the Town Attorney is committed to providing timely, professional, and competent legal services consistent with the highest professional and ethical standards for the Town and its departments with the goal of protecting and advancing the Town’s interests in serving the People of Frederick, Colorado.

The Town Attorney is appointed by Town Board to represent and act as the chief legal advisor for the Town of Frederick for the benefit of its citizens. In this capacity the Town Attorney’s Office:
  • Provides legal advice and furnishes legal opinions to Town Board and Town Departments
  • Attends and actively participates in all Town Board Meetings
  • Drafts and Reviews Contracts, Ordinances, Resolutions, and other legal documents
  • Represents the Town in Civil Litigation and other judicial/administrative proceedings
  • Employs and Manages outside legal counsel in specialized areas of law as needed, including in land use application and development review
The Town Attorney also oversees the prosecution of criminal and traffic misdemeanors including violations of the Frederick Municipal Code in Municipal Court. For more information regarding Municipal Court and its procedures, please contact the Court at (720) 382-5530 or click here to visit the Frederick Municipal Court website.
The Town reaps many benefits by employing legal counsel in house as in-house counsel provides: (1) increased flexibility and availability to address legal concerns in a timely manner (2) Deeper understanding and appreciation for the legal needs of the community and (3) Proactive involvement and assessment of ongoing legal matters to mitigate liability thereby resulting in a greater cost savings to the Town.

The Town Attorney’s Office is committed exclusively to representing the departments and officials of the Town of Frederick. As such, our office is not permitted to give legal advice or services to individual citizens. If you are seeking information about your legal rights you should contact a private attorney.