Liquor Licensing

General Information

Liquor licenses are issued by the State and the Town of Frederick. The Town cannot issue the local license until the State has reviewed and approved the application and issued the State license.

The Frederick Municipal Judge serves as the Town's Liquor Licensing Authority. 

For questions related to liquor licensing please contact Meghan Martinez, Secretary to the Frederick Liquor Licensing Authority.


The Town of Frederick has adopted the State Liquor Licensing Fee Schedule.  Please refer to the State’s fee schedule when applying for licenses and permits. 

New Liquor Licenses: If you are applying for a new liquor license please download a packet from the Colorado Department of Revenue Website

Renewals: All liquor licenses are valid for one year from the date of approval by the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division. Each licensee is required to renew on an annual basis. If you do not receive your application from the state, and your expiration date is coming up, please contact us to fill out the Renewal Form. Failure to renew by the expiration date will result in expiration of your liquor license.


Special Events Permits: Special Event Liquor Permits allow a qualified organization to sell or dispense alcohol beverages in conjunction with fund raising and other activities while insuring full compliance with all applicable state and local laws and ordinances. 

Alcohol Tastings Permit: An alcohol beverage tastings permit allows a retail liquor store or liquor-licensed drugstore to conduct sample tastings of alcoholic beverages within their establishment. 

Promotional Associations: The Frederick Board of Trustees approved Ordinance 1089 Establishing an Entertainment District within the Town of Frederick. 

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