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1. What is refracking?
2. What is the history of oil and gas in Frederick?
3. Who regulates well sites in the Greater Wattenberg Area?
4. What are the factors for selection of oil and gas well drill sites?
5. What are the activities that occur with drilling?
6. Where are gas lines placed? How is that determined?
7. How much noise, dust, air pollution and danger area associated with drilling?
8. How does a well site affect wildlife, air and water quality?
9. Who monitors and maintains these sites?
10. What is the impact of a new well on a residence, business or family?
11. How does a well site affect construction/additions to a home or business?
12. Should I be concerned about wells or gas lines near my home or business?
13. Can I paint or screen a pump jack?
14. How do I find out more about oil and gas wells?