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Downtown Frederick Pole-Mounted Wayfinding Replacement

  1. Downtown Frederick Wayfinding Signs can be updated two times per year, during April and October, depending on need. During these updates, existing businesses have the opportunity to take over the spot of a business that no longer exists in Downtown. The fee associated with this replacement is $250 per listing. If your business is chosen for the replacement listing, you must pay this fee within 7 days of notification. You must fill out this form by Monday, April 30th at 5 p.m. to be considered in this round of replacements.

  2. Business License*

    You must have a valid business license with the Town of Frederick in order to participate in the wayfinding signage project.

  3. Type your business name the way you'd like it to appear on the listing. Listings may be no more than 27 characters including spaces.

  4. Questions?

    Listing requests will be reviewed in April and October. Keep in mind that filling out this form does not guarantee placement on a sign. Businesses occupying the location of the defunct listing will be given first right of refusal. Contact Megan Williams at or 720.382.5512.

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