Pavement Management – Past, Present, Future Projects

Pavement Management Program

Did you know the Town of Frederick maintains more than 100 miles of public streets? To manage this system, the Town Engineering and Public Works Department uses a Pavement Management System to keep track of the road conditions and determine how long they will last. This helps the department decide when and how to fix Town-owned roads and alleyways.

You can view the Pavement Management System page to learn about past and future road projects through 2028. Pavement maintenance projects are based on road conditions and how much money the Town has in the budget to spend. Therefore, the areas that are planned for maintenance are just estimates, and they may change. However, the maps give you a general idea of what work will be done in your neighborhood in the next five years.

View PDF maps of  past, present, and future work plans for roadways in the Town of Frederick:

Project Year 2018
Project Year 2019
Project Year 2020
Project Year 2021
Project Year 2022
Project Year 2023
Project Year 2024*
Project Year 2025*
Project Year 2026*
Project Year 2027*
Project Year 2028*

* Maintenance areas identified on future maps are only anticipated and projected for planning purposes. Pavement maintenance projects are dependent upon evolving roadway conditions and budget appropriation. Therefore, all maps are subject to change.