Contractor's License

  • Contractors must have a current license with the Town of Frederick. If the license is not current, the building permit fee is subject to a double permitting fee.
  • License must be renewed every calendar year. All licenses expire December 31.
  • Fill out the contractors license and return by email to or return in person to the Engineering services building 323 Fifth Street.

If landscaping or building materials will be left in the street, please submit a material drop permit. Materials can be left in the street for up to 72 hours only.  Traffic control cones must be set up around the materials. Dumpsters may not be left in a street or alley. Dumpsters must stay in the residents driveway. 

What to include with the application

  • Plumbers and Electricians must provide their State and Master license. 
  • Liability insurance is required. License will not be issued if there is not a copy of the insurance.
  • Workers Comp insurance ifs applicable.