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The Town of Frederick’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP), adopted in February of this year, details the assessment of existing conditions and outlines a recommended transportation improvement project list. One of the critical short-term strategies focused on improved intersection operations and added capacity at priority corridors. The location recognized as the highest need for the Town of Frederick by the TMP  was Colorado Boulevard and Tipple Parkway intersection, which calls for constructing the ultimate roadway design. Improvements will include installing additional auxiliary acceleration and deceleration turn lanes, striping, signage, and new traffic signals and signal timing to handle the five-lane configuration at the intersection for improved traffic operations. Also included would be installing new ADA curb ramps, sidewalk connections, and pedestrian crossing controls for increased multimodal public safety on a primary route for students traveling to and from Frederick High School. Finally, improved drainage in the area as these items currently do not exist on the northern portion of the intersection and would involve installing curb and gutter and other drainage infrastructure as required. 

On April 13, 2021, the Board of Trustees approved Resolution 21-R-20, awarding the design of the Colorado Boulevard and Tipple Parkway Intersection Improvement Project to the firm of Martin/Martin. Five firms submitted proposals reviewed by Town engineering staff. Martin/Martin, Inc. received the highest average score in a competitive evaluation process. 

Additionally, the Town is pursuing a grant opportunity through the Revitalizing Main Streets Program as part of Colorado’s COVID-19 Recovery Plan. As part of this program, applicants may be awarded up to $2-million to improve user safety along urban arterials or main street corridors, especially for vulnerable users such as pedestrians, bikers, motorcyclists, transit users, elderly adults, and people with disabilities.

Planned Activities for the Design Process

  • May 3 - 31: Roadway design.
  • May 10 - 15: Utility investigation with field personnel and equipment on-site.
  • May 10 - 19: Geotech investigation with field personnel and equipment on-site.
  • May 12 - 19: Survey work with field personnel and equipment on-site, weekdays only between 8:30 am to 3 pm.
  • June 1 - 30: Underground utility and geotechnical investigation, preliminary roadway, drainage, and traffic signal design, and preliminary traffic and geotechnical reports.
  • July 1 - 31: Design work and presentation for the Town of Frederick Board of Trustees.
    • Complete preliminary design and start intermediate design.
    • Underground utility investigation.
  • August 1 - 31: Design and report work.
    • Complete intermediate design and submitted for Town review.
    • Complete drainage report.
    • Complete traffic report.
  • September 
    • Final report work.
    • Continue Utility Coordination with some fieldwork.

Project Managers
Jason Berg, Civil Engineer, Town of Frederick
Ryan Soltis, Martin/Martin Consulting