Burn Mitigation

Planned and controlled burns will take place periodically to keep areas within the Town healthy. Our Public Work's team and the Frederick-Firestone Fire District's Wildland team have been working closely with the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control to ensure burns are conducted safely. The areas identified include Centennial Park, Bulrush Wetlands, Fox Run, No Name Creek, and Bella Rosa Golf Course. These open areas are essential in filtering and purifying water, promoting healthy soil, and recycling nutrients - all critical aspects for good water quality in the Town of Frederick. The open areas also have tremendous scenic value, provide food and nesting sites for our wildlife, and concealment from predators. We are working toward finalizing the plan and hoping to start work in the fall of 2021.

Read the Public Notice (10/6/2021): Prescribed Burning Planned Within the Town of Frederick at Centennial Park, Bulrush Wetlands, Fox Run, and Bella Rosa Golf Course

Updated schedule (10/15/2021):

The November burns were canceled. Stay tuned for updates...

Be aware of brief closures of the Frederick Recreation Area, including Milavec Lake.
Be aware of possible road closures on Colorado Boulevard from Bella Rosa Parkway to Milavec Lake/Safeway entrance.
View the detour map.
View the detailed traffic control map.

Please understand, this project is weather sensitive and safety is the priority. The Frederick-Firestone Fire District and Frederick Public Works will use a spot weather service through the National Weather Service on Tuesday, November 16, and Wednesday, November 17 to finalize plans. A joint briefing between all parties will make the final "go or no go" decision on the day of scheduled burns. Decisions will be based on the weather forecasts and the smoke dispersion parameters.

Burn Area Maps

Bella Rosa Golf Course
Bulrush Wetlands
Centennial Park
Fox Run
No Name Creek