COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Beginning on February 8, the revised State of Colorado Vaccine Distribution Phased Approach will add to the existing vaccination efforts Coloradoans ages 65-69, Pre-K through grade 12 educators and staff, childcare workers, and essential officials in state government.

The Weld County Health Department webpage has links to healthcare providers where residents may contact to get the COVID vaccine. The Health Department vaccine partners include Banner Health, UCHealth, Salud Clinics, Sunrise Community Health, Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth (SCL), and others. 

Colorado Vaccine Distribution Phased Approach (Phases 1-3):

Phase 1A (currently ongoing)

    Health care workers and individuals who have direct contact with COVID-19 patients

    Congregate living facility workers; and Urgent care workers

Phase 1B – Group 1 (currently ongoing)

    Health care workers with less direct contact with COVID-19 patients (primary care, specialist care such as physical therapists and occupational therapists, surgery centers, dental, mental, and behavioral health, home health, hospice, pharmacy, school health care workers, etc.)

    First responders (EMS, fire, LEO, SAR)

    Correctional workers (jails, prisons, work release)

    Funeral service workers and COVID response personnel

    People age 70 or older

Phase 1B – Group 2 (Starting February 8, 2021)

    People age 65- 69 

    PreK-12 educators (teacher, student teachers, bus drivers, school food service workers, childcare workers in licensed programs, administrative and support staff, safety staff, and other support services staff offered inside school)

    Essential officials from executive, legislative, and judicial branches of state government

Phase 1B- Group 3 (Tentatively starting in March 2021)

    People age 16-64 with two or more high-risk conditions

    Frontline food, agriculture, and grocery (food servers, farmers, ranchers, food processing workers)

    Frontline manufacturing

    Frontline mail carrier and shipping services (government and private)

    Public transit and specialized transportation

    Faith leaders

    Public health staff; and frontline essential human service workers

    Direct care providers for individuals experiencing homelessness; and frontline essential journalists

Phase 2 includes remaining higher-risk individuals (vaccine availability in Spring, 2021) and Phase 3 is for the public and will likely occur in the Summer, 2021.  


Please visit the Weld County Health Department page for more information or contact (970) 400-2111 if you need assistance.

The State of Colorado has developed a phased approach which is described on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment website.