Community Garden

Garden Plots are now available!

Hello Community Gardeners:

Welcome! Many, many thanks to Longmont United Hospital, who built and donated this garden as a gift to our community when they built Indian Peaks Medical Center (IPMC) in late 2013.  Their generosity also includes paying for our water, not charging for the plots, supplying the shed and tools, and encouraging us to use the IPMC facility for restrooms and drinking fountains! The garden project is a joint venture involving Longmont United Hospital, Centura, and the Town of Frederick. The garden has been a benefit to our respective communities and region.

The garden name comes from the family that not only previously owned this property but are also patrons of the hospital.  We are proud to have the local heritage of the Nelson family recognized.

We are also partnered with the Town of Frederick’s Parks, Open Space and Trails Commission (POST). They provide advertising/communication within the Town via newsletters and social media.  The Garden Manager is a volunteer, and the role is to provide support for the gardeners as well as liaison to the Town, reporting periodically to POST and to Longmont United Hospital (Centura). The Town of Frederick is an important partner to the Community Garden and we look forward to their continued fiscal and infrastructure support.

We are a community of gardeners, and each gardener has responsibilities that include the overall garden maintenance as well as our own plots, so dig in! You will be asked to assist with Garden projects in 2023!

The garden is organic.  Because organic definitions can vary and some organically labeled products can be as toxic as synthetic versions, be conservative and cautious.  More on that in the rules.  

Because of our scenic, exposed location, be fully aware that we are going to have wildlife visitors. We will enjoy sightings of many birds of prey, raccoons, rabbits, coyotes, snakes, and other “critters.”   In fact, most of these are visiting our home landscapes, too – we just do not see them very often. Rabbits love newly sprouted plants and can cut them down to nothing in no time. Snakes are more of a surprise than harmful, so unless you hear a rattle, know they are harmless and can be moved aside with a shovel. We have voles, mice, toads, and many insects. Did you know snakes, toads and spiders eliminate huge numbers of garden pests? Start your day by gardening in the morning to the bright song from a meadow lark – it does not get any better!

We have a beehive in our garden.  We partner with a local beekeeper, and we benefit by having excellent pollination and being a part of saving bees.  The hive is in a secure fenced area, large enough to observe from the fence – you will find it fascinating to watch the bees come in on the landing board and head out again.  On hot days, watch for them to “fan” at the opening to circulate air in the hive, cooling the bees and evaporating the nectar.  Our beekeeper offers his knowledge to our gardeners, and we will let you know if one of those opportunities arises. Please stay out of the fenced hive area and do not disturb the hive (rock throwing, etc.). We may get lucky and sample some honey late in the summer! 

Through community gardening, you can have an incredibly positive effect on other gardeners, your neighborhood, and your community. We will be offering educational and training seminars in 2023!

 Garden Rules and Application/Agreement  Please review and complete it before gardening can begin for the year. If you have any questions, use the contact email information listed below.

Looking forward to gardening together and to a fruitful harvest! Best wishes!

Garden Manager (use this email for most non-urgent communications, please) (911 for emergencies)