K-9 Naming Suggestions

The Frederick Police Department has a new team member!  Frederick Police Officer Ian Austin recently traveled to F.M. K9 in Berrien Center, Michigan to select a 15-month-old Belgian Malinois, German Shepherd crossbreed. Originally from Poland and born on November 30, 2019, the dog will be trained as a dual purpose Patrol and Narcotics Detection dog. 

Read the full press release here.

In March, we asked the community to suggest a name for our new K-9. We received 614 submissions which let us know, our new pup is the bark of the Town!  It was a ruff decision, but Officer Austin has announced the K-9's name as Bosch.

In the Dutch, Bosch is an old spelling of a word meaning "forest" or "woods". We appreciate the community's enthusiasm and ingenuity for the naming challenge.

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Fun Facts from Officer Austin

Question: Do you need to be in special shape to handle a K-9?
Officer Austin: I need to be physically fit to run and get over barriers. I also have to be able to physically refrain the dog. 

Question: How did you select this K-9?
Officer Austin: To select this dog, I put the dog (and 12 others) through a series of tests. I specifically looked for courage, sociability, and for the dog to fit the mission of the Frederick Police Department.

Question: Now that the K-9 is in Frederick, what are your next steps?
Officer Austin: Our next steps are to acclimate the dog to it's new surroundings. We will continue some training at home and spend some time bonding. We will undergo formal training together in the coming months with a local K-9 Unit before official patrols begin.

Question: What is the dog’s schedule?
Officer Austin: The same schedule as myself. The dog will be available for call-outs once certified.

Question: How much does a K-9 cost?
Officer Austin: $6,900

Question: Does the K-9 wear a uniform?
Officer Austin: The dog's uniform will consist of a harness and possibly a bulletproof vest.

Question: How big will this K-9 get?
Officer Austin: 80-90 lbs

Question: When does the community get to meet the K-9?
Officer Austin: DIY Day & Fishing Clinic on Saturday, May 15