Department Awards

Officer of the Year - Detective Matthew James

"In recognition for his valuable contributions to the Frederick Police Department, I am honored to award Detective Matthew James with the 2019 Officer of the Year. Matt has gone above and beyond what is asked of our employees and is an exemplary officer for our agency.  Matt was assigned to investigations in 2018. Matt served with Detective Baumhover for only a short period of time before Baumhover had to take an unexpected leave of absence. This left Matt with a large case load to handle on his own in 2019. Despite this huge challenge, Matt stepped up and began working diligently without hesitation and pushed forward to solve cases.  In addition to working 32 cases, Matt did an outstanding job involving a home invasion of two separate residences. Tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of property was stolen. After weeks of hard work, with the assistance of other officers, a suspect was arrested. This is only one of many examples that illustrates why Detective James is a valuable asset to our agency. On the behalf of the Frederick Police Department, I’m proud to recognize Detective Matt James as the 2019 officer of the year. Outstanding job Matt!" - Chief Todd Norris

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