Faces of Frederick

We want to connect with you! We are kicking off a new Faces of Frederick campaign so that we can share your stories and stay connected. Tell us how you are helping each other, share a funny story and send us your pictures. We’ll feature you in our social media, the Frederick Flash, monthly newsletter and here on our website. 

Complete the Faces of Frederick form, or email our Communications Department to share your story!

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Courtney A. 

"Hi! I’m newer to Frederick (moved here in 2018) but I’ve been in Colorado since 2009. I live in Wyndham Hill, and love the small town feel and close knit community. We’re coping (in response to COVID-19) by spending lots of quality time playing with and walking our dogs - two rescued from a high kill shelter and one foster since the shelters closed.

We’re also coping by learning how to bake! Lady (pictured right) likes to help mom make peanut butter pumpkin dog treats."

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Bill B.

"Hi, my name is Bill. I live in Angel View Estates. My wife, Lisa, and I moved here two years ago, after 19 years in Parker. We love our new town and attend most of the local events. Our favorite is Chainsaws & Chuckwagons, but when the weather is cooperative, the Balloon Fest is amazing and they fly right over our house! I retired from 37 years of consumer product sales in Dec. 2019, so now I can concentrate on my hobby business, Bill’s Board Games. I’m happy to report that during this time of isolation, I have found new homes for 200+ Board, card and dice games. I still have about 2,000 remaining, but I’m hoping to have a “community sale” season, as that is my source for new inventories.

Stay healthy our Frederick friends, practice social distancing, where a mask when in public and wash often."

Bill B. with board games in background

Chris D.

Hi my name is Chris and l grew up in Frederick and moved away for college, and my career brought me back to Frederick in 2016. As someone who grew up here and have been the golf coach at Frederick High School, my favorite event is Miners Day, something special to myself and my family as many of relatives were coal miners. The other event that is really special is Friday Night Lights at FHS, always great games and great community supporting the high school, and you see that white “W” flag flying you know the Warriors won. The other sports, music, and drama productions at FHS are Great as well. It gives me honor to know how great our kids in our community are and how great our town is!

Chris D. holding an award plaque

Kelly M.

My family moved here in 1995. We were the first new development built in Frederick, although I’m an "old timer" now. I’ve published your local newspaper since 1999 and love sharing your stories of birthdays, shout-outs, and school accomplishments. During COVID, I’ve tried to help other small businesses by promoting them for free in the paper and on our social media platforms. Please tell our local businesses you see them in the paper and make sure to Shop Local! If we follow the Golden Rule and love our neighbors, we will be a strong community for generations to come.

picture of Kelly M.

         Jeff B. & Jethro

Jeff B. sitting at a table with his dog Jethro