Temporary Use / Special Event Permit

Are you planning a public event in the Town of Frederick? If you would like to have an event that will be open to the public, you are required to submit a Special Event Application for temporary use of the property or park. 

A Special Event (Temporary use) Permit is required but not limited to events such as bike and foot races, concerts, fundraising events, galas, parades, carnivals, sporting events and any event which the general public is invited. Complete and submit the application 30 days before your event to avoid any late fees.

Heads up! You may be required to upload supporting documents. These requirements are described in the application. You can save your application and return to finish it at a later time by creating an account. Before you begin, please have these items that may be required to proceed and complete the online application:

  • Site Plan - Minimum 8 1/2" x 11" Plan Sheet Drawn to Scale
  • Traffic Plan (Form A in application)
  • Trash and Sanitation Plan (form B in application)
  • Special Event Alcohol Permit (form C in application)
  • Security Plan (Form D in application)
  • Bounce House Form (Form E in application)
  • Frederick Firestone Fire Protection District Temporary Structure Permit for tents larger than 400 square feet. There is a link to this form in the application.

Please complete the online Special Event Application.

Questions? Please contact our Planning Department at 720.382.5654.

In the table below are fees associated with the Special Event Application. Fees vary per each event.

Temporary Use / Special Event Application Fees

Fees associated with temporary events held in the Town of Frederick.
Temporary Event Application Fee Description Fee
Non-Refundable Application Fee $300
Application Late Fee* (Applications submitted less than 30 days prior to event) $150
*Please note: No applications will be accepted within 14 days of the event NA
Damage Deposit $500
Facility Use fee:  
Crist Park (per day) $200
Frederick Recreation Area (per day) $150
Centennial Park (per day) $150
Road Closure (first road) $50
Road Closure (each road after the first - per road) $25
Barricade deposit (each pair) $100
Facility clean up $100
Each 100' Snow Fencing Rental (no installation or removal) $25
Snow fencing installation and removal (per hour, per employee) $25
Cone rental deposit $100
Cone rental for 10 cones $25
Cones (each cone after 10) $3
Trash Can Rental (per can) $10
Trash can removal/clean up (per can) $10