Roadwork Update

Each week during the construction season, we’ll be updating this page with information about the progress on our construction projects. Offseason updates (November-March) will be less frequent due to less activity.

Pavement Management System

Did you know the Town of Frederick maintains more than 96 miles of public streets? To manage this system, the Town Engineering Department and Public Works use a Pavement Management System to assist in evaluating the pavement condition, serviceable life and maintenance strategies for Town-owned roads and alleyways.

Check out the Pavement Management System page to read more about the methods used in pavement maintenance and rehabilitation.

Safe Routes To Schools

The Safe Routes To Schools project is complete. See the pictures below for a glimpse of the new, safe route to school.

View a map of the Safe Routes to Schools Thunder Valley K-8 Multiuse Trail Project.

Safe Routes to Schools Progress

new winding sidewalk in neighborhood
road with crosswalk signs on either side, neighborhood in background
new sidewalk splitting in two directions in neighborhood
construction crew pouring cement sidewalk
construction crew pouring cement
construction machinery

Skate Park at Frederick Recreation Area

10/19/2020 - Final touches are in progress. The fence with "No Trespassing" signs are intact. The park is skatable when the fence is removed.

5/15/2020 - Construction on the skate park is in progress. See the timeline, design and pictures on our Skate Park at Frederick Recreation Area page.

New Milavec Lake Circulators

4/8/2020 - The installation of three new SolarBee® Lake Circulators at Lake Milavec is scheduled for mid-April. The three new aerators are scheduled to be installed starting at 8 am on April 14 and work may continue into April 15. The boat ramp will be used to access the lake. Trail usage may be impacted for short periods of time to accommodate the movement of equipment. These circulators are designed to solve a variety of water quality problems in lakes and raw water reservoirs. Active lake circulation can prevent and control harmful cyanobacteria (a.k.a. blue-green algae) blooms, reduce odor and invasive aquatic weeds. Dive into the benefits of these new circulators and view the staging area and position areas on the lake.

SolarBee® Lake Circulators are designed to prevent algal blooms at the lake but will not altogether remove odor issues right away. Since the algal bloom was so large last year the mixing of water at the lake can cause the water clarity and odor to worsen before it improves. When the mixers are active they will begin moving water between the different zones of the lake. You can expect the odor to increase as the water near the bottom of the lake is brought to the surface. This is similar to what happens when the lake naturally “turns over” in the spring and fall. The water that is brought to the surface contains a lot of phosphorous and other nutrients that algae thrive on. Nutrients are also brought into the lake with inflow from the ditch that feeds the lake. Once the lake returns to a more stable state and the nutrients are not able to build up to as high of levels that feed large algal blooms, the water will significantly improve as there is less “food” for the algae. Installing the new SolarBee® Lake Circulators is just one step the Town is taking to prevent algal blooms and address the odor issues at the lake.