Weekly Construction Update

Each week during construction season, we'll be updating this page with information about the progress on our construction projects. Offseason updates (November-March) will be less frequent due to less activity.

I-25 and HWY 52 Update

The Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) grant to improve the acceleration lane onto eastbound HW52 from I-25 has completed initial plans and is awaiting CDOT to provide authorization for the project to continue. This is an exciting update on a much-needed improvement to our community.

Trail Construction

7/23/18 - The 2018 trail segments in the Eagle Valley and Angel View neighborhoods are largely complete, however, the contractor has some follow-up work to complete.  This will include replacing some segments of the concrete that was recently poured, seeding disturbed areas, and placing rock next to one trail segment.

Safe Routes to School

The design for the Safe Routes to School is well underway.  The Town is working with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to build trails that provide Safe Routes to School.  These trails will be built along the east side of Ridgeway Boulevard from Angel View to Savannah, provide a crossing of Ridgeway near Lyden Creek Boulevard, and continue west to Frederick Way, providing a crossing of Frederick Way, and continuing west to Maple Street.  This provides a safe route for students to the south side of Thunder Valley K-8.  This provides a safe route for students to the east of Thunder Valley K-8.  Construction is anticipated later this summer.

Tipple Pkwy (CR 16)

3/6/18 - All construction items have been completed. The road is fully open to all traffic with no restrictions. After inspection, a punch list of final construction items was delivered to the contractor and they have until 4/30/2018 to complete.

Pavement Maintenance

3/6/18 - All areas identified in the 2017 Pavement Maintenance Program have been completed.

Concrete and Alleyway Maintenance Improvements

8/8/17 -  This project is complete for 2017.