Rebate Program

As of October 12, 2015, Frederick Power & Light customers that want to cut their energy costs now have access to a rebate program to help them save money in the process. Rebates for LED lighting, appliance replacement and solar panel installation are all included.

Appliance Replacement

Replace your old appliances with new Energy Star appliances and receive the following rebates:
Refrigerator (must be 18 cubic feet or larger) $50
Freezer (must be 15 cubic feet or larger) $25
Washer $50
Dishwasher $25
Central Air Conditioner (3 ton or larger) $150
Central Air Conditioner (2-3 tone unit) $100
Geothermal Heat Pump $200 per ton, max $1,200
Credit for Refrigerator or Freezer Certified Disposal $50

Appliance Replacement Application

Receipt or proof of purchase is needed from each appliance within 30 days of purchase.

LED Be Bright Program

Replace your incandescent lights with longer lasting, energy efficient LED bulbs, and FPL will give you a rebate for 50% of the cost of a replacement bulb, up to $8 per bulb for 20 bulb replacements per year. The lumen output should be greater than 300 and receipt or proof of purchase is needed from each bulb within 120 days of the purchase.

LED Be Bright Application

Solar Panel Installation

Rebate of $.10 per DC rated watt with a maximum rebate of $1,000. After the solar panel system is up and running, A Frederick Power & Light customer who produces more energy from their system than they use will receive a credit of 0.06 per kwh produced. This credit will roll over every month, and at the end of each calendar year, a check will be issued for the amount of credit that is still on the books.