Calendar Photo Contest

Calendar Photo Contest 
The annual 'Built on What Matters' Calendar features resident-submitted photos representing Frederick!  The 2024 calendar will have the theme of Frederick's values: Family, Respect, Empower, and Dedicated, and will showcase local photographers in a full-sized, 12-month calendar that will be sent to Frederick residents and businesses. Explore our FRED values to tie in the theme with your photo!

Thank you for submitting your photos! Thank you to everyone who submitted pictures for this annual community program. Calendars will be mailed to all Frederick homes and businesses in mid-December. 

Photographers were invited to either compose a new photo or submit one taken previously. Photos must have been taken in Frederick, and photographers must explain why the photo depicts what matters to them. We love to see photos of town events, art pieces, hidden gems in Frederick, and all seasons represented! Keep in mind our brand promise below for inspiration as well.

Brand Promise:

We believe in rolling up our sleeves not just for ourselves, but for others.
We believe in playing outside until the stars flicker on and protecting the hallowed ground of childhood.
We believe in a lifelong commitment to actions as good as our intentions.
We believe in the power of our voices and the obligation of our hearts to form a strong foundation.
We believe we’re onto something that’s worth all we can give it.
Here, the life we dream of is ours to create.

Photo Categories and Judging
Entries are judged by the Arts Commission, the Mayor and Town Board, and Town staff based on the photo's composition and how well it represents the Frederick brand. There will also be a People’s Choice category that will be voted on by the public using the Town’s website photo gallery.

Photos selected as Mayor's Choice, Board of Trustees Choice, Staff Choice, Arts Commission Choice, and People's Choice will be awarded $100.

Please see below for the rules for entering the Calendar Photo Contest:
• All photos must be submitted in their full resolution. Photographs submitted with less than 2000 pixels on their long edge will not qualify to win a category.
• All photos must be taken in Frederick, and you must provide the photograph's location.
• If the photo was taken at a private residence, the location will not be released to the general public.
• You must have permission to photograph the subjects of the photo. Exceptions are made for Town event photos.
• All photographers will be required to explain why their photograph reflects Frederick's values: Family, Respect, Empower, and Dedicated.
• All photographers are allowed to submit up to five (5) photographs. (If you submit more than five, we will only consider your first five.)

To submit photos to the 2025 Calendar, please fill out and upload images to this form.