How does a well site affect construction or additions to homes/businesses?

Before constructing any improvements, the property owner should consult with Town Staff regarding zoning, land use regulations and building code requirements. For public safety reasons, the Town of Frederick has building setback requirements. These specify how close a property line, road, or building can be placed next to oil and gas facilities. These improvements should also be in accordance with any surface use agreement in place with the subsurface mineral holders. New construction would also require the operator to maintain access to the well site. This includes any future well sites that might exist on the property. 

There may also be gas or other utility lines in the area. 811 is the number you should call before you begin any digging project. 

For more information please see: Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and Article 9 of the Land Use Code. For utility locates information, contact Colorado 811

For information about subdividing or rezoning your property, please call the Town of Frederick Planning Department at 720.382.5500.