What is the impact of a new well on a residence, business or family?

The impacts, if any, vary tremendously depending on the location and types of development that might be near the drilling operations. However, the initial impact from the installation of a new well on a residence or business will be greatly reduced once the well is producing.  After the drilling rig moves off the property and the drill-site undergoes interim reclamation, the producing well consists of standard wellhead equipment, sometimes called a Christmas tree which stands about six feet tall and may be surrounded by a bull-guard or six-foot-tall fence. All fencing must comply with Frederick's fencing requirements. 

Please also note that both the State of Colorado and Town of Frederick have established specific setback distances for structures from well sites. These setbacks provide for safety, maintenance and reduce the potential for conflicting uses between activities on adjacent lands. For information about the Town of Frederick’s minimum required setbacks and distance requirements to oil and gas wells, please contact the Town’s Planning Department or review Article 9 of the Town’s Land Use Code.  

There are benefits to the Town for having oil and gas facilities, such as tax revenue, open space, and access to community development grants from some of the oil and gas providers. The Town worked with EnCana Oil and Gas to improve the Bulrush Wetland open space on the west side of town. For more information please contact the Town’s Planning Department at 720.382.5650.