Who monitors and maintains these sites?


Each operating company is responsible for monitoring its own well sites. The COGCC also has inspectors that conduct well inspections looking for specific issues that are regulated by the State. 


When drilling operations are complete, operators will seed the area with grass if necessary and make every reasonable effort to keep the area free of weeds and debris. Well head locations are typically surrounded by a six-foot-tall fence. Any fencing must meet the Town's requirements. Tank batteries are painted and surrounded by an earthen berm or metal firewall and fencing.

How often are the site maintained?

Site maintenance varies by the age of the well, the well operator, and other factors. The COGCC inspects well sites for compliance with state regulations, health and safety and environmental concerns. Lastly, the Oil and Gas Company, operator, or lease operator or “pumpers” monitor well sites routinely. You may contact the operator to find out more about a specific well and recent maintenance. If you wish to contact the well operator about operations and maintenance, all active sites are required to be clearly marked with the name and telephone number of the operating company.

How are weeds, trash, vandalism address?

The operator is responsible for maintaining the well site area, which includes keeping the area clear of weeds and trash as much as reasonably possible. Vandalism or loitering should be reported to local law enforcement as well as the operating company, which will repair damage, clean up the site and pursue any legal course of action necessary.

How can I find out if a new well is planned or maintenance is scheduled on a well near my property?

In most cases, property owners will be notified in advance by the Oil and Gas operator, when their property will be directly affected by a new well or if the proposed operation will be in close proximity to their property and a waiver is needed. All active well sites should be clearly marked with the name and telephone number of the operating company, which can be contacted if you have questions regarding the well’s operations and maintenance.

Well permits are issued by the COGCC, and you can contact the COGCC to find out if any permits have been issued in your area.

New wells within the Town of Frederick require notices to be mailed to all property owners within 300 feet of the well site. The site will also be posted as having an application under review. In some instances, a public hearing may be required.