Colorado Blvd. Aesthetic Concepts

Colorado Boulevard Reconstruction Project
For the gateway portion of the Colorado Boulevard reconstruction project that runs from State Highway 52 north to First Street in Frederick, the town has commissioned design standards to improve the look and feel of the roadway project.

Reconstruction Budget
While the roadway reconstruction budget only includes funding for a small portion of the total package of aesthetic features (decorative medians, street trees, pedestrian walkways, decorative lighting, irrigated lawns, gateway signage, etc.), the majority of the improvements shown in the following artistic renderings will come as the property owners to the east and west of the roadway begin to attract commercial development to the area.

These renderings show the roadway as including two vehicle lanes in each direction. This cannot happen until the traffic increases enough to justify an additional travel lane. The town is very excited about these plans and is looking forward to the future commercial development that will come over the next several years to help complete them.

  • First Street Area Concepts - this group of concepts depicts the ultimate WCR 13 with a landscaped median and ideas for roadside enhancements.
  • Fifth Street Area Concepts - This intersection will be an important community gateway in the future. Crosswalks and walkway ramps would be extra wide to safely accommodate groups of cyclists. Parkway landscapes of street trees and irrigated lawn could be included.
  • Eighth Street Miner's Park Area Concepts - A parking lot for the Legacy Trail and the park is being considered for this area. May serve as a future trailhead.
  • Thirteenth Street Roundabout Area Concepts - This is only a concept should a roundabout ever be desired at 13th Street. Pedestrian and cyclist safety would be of highest consideration.
  • Town Entry Plaza - This concept sketch shows a bird's eye view to the north of possible Town Entry Plaza.
  • Concept for Corner Park at WCR 13 and SH 52 - This corner may be ideal for a marquee entry feature for the Town of Frederick.
  • Cross Section - Typical cross section of commercial area.
  • Typical Streetscape Cross Sections - Detached sidewalks are encouraged if space is available. Landscape between walkway and adjacent property also is encouraged. Medians of width greater than ten feet could be landscaped and lined with splash apron edging.
  • Splash Apron Edging - Shown in the center of this concept sketch is a possible use for splash apron edging.
  • Median Hardscape Concepts - colored concrete or patterned concrete is a cost-effective way of adding aesthetic appeal to hardscape medians.

Renderings provided by: Felsburg Bolt and Ullevig / Frank Miltenberger, Landscape Architect