Parks & Open Space Maintenance

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of all public parks, trails, and open space. Duties include installation and maintenance of playground equipment, landscaping, turf grass and native grass, trees, irrigation systems, herbicide, pesticide and algicide applications, snow removal, and trash service.

The town currently has over 9.6 miles of paved concrete pathways, over 6.7 miles of natural surface trails and 221 acres of park land.

Park Amenities
Park amenities vary, however most parks have playground equipment, picnic tables, and nearby trails. Park reservations are available at Centennial Park, Crist Park, and Frederick Recreation Area. Visit our parks and facilities for a complete list of parks and to make a reservation.

Non-Portable Water
Centennial Park, Crist Park, Frederick Recreation Area, and No-Name Creek Parks are irrigated by non-potable water. Non-potable water is cheaper than potable water, allowing the town to conserve high-quality potable water for domestic uses. Please, do not drink the water at those parks!

Maintenance Responsibilities
Please view the final plats for a particular subdivision or view our map depicting ownership and maintenance responsibilities.